Welcome to Carina's web site, founder of Healing Expert. We offer techniques of well being for a better physical, mental and spiritual health. As a Master of universal energy accredited PT and RT teacher and practitioner, it is my pleasure to welcome you here to present you my different care techniques and show you the benefits of the Art of Reiki and many other approaches that can lead to healing.

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Fields of expertise
.        Reiki
.        Energetic Massages
.        Insomnia
.        Rheumatism
.        Torticollis
.        Sciatic nerve
.        Stress
.        Migraines
.        Anxiety... and more!
Carina is a Spiritual Priestess, a Reiki Master, Initiated Teaching Master of the seventh generation, member of the Canadian Association of Reiki Professionals, as well as the Association of Metaphysicians and the Association of Naturopathy.
Come and visit our nice clinic near the river! For an energetic massage session or for your Reiki classes, a 3-day cure or treatment or even a meditation course next to the river at dawn, come and see this great landscape! It is only a few km away from Montreal (Ste-Rose, Laval)
''Reiki really was a revelation for me, I was so surprised with the results! I felt a lot of relief in my body, but I also felt a lot of emotions that lasted long after the end of my first session... Thanks to you Carina for you Love energy and for everything you gave to me!'' A.C. Ste-Therese
Thanks Carina for everything you taught me in those Reiki courses! Those lessons really allowed me to know myself and to accept what I am living! Reiki's principles really help my in my day-to-day life. Thanks to life for giving me the chance to meet you!'' M.A. Montreal
''The Reiki course level I allowed me to open myself to the universal energy, the Love energy, and it also allowed me to relieve people around me. Thanks to help me master this wonderful energy!'' P.B. Laval